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Our Cabin Keeper Services

If you own a vacation property, you likely want to make your time there as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. This means you probably don’t want to be spending your time dusting, cleaning, making the indoor climate tolerable, tackling small and large repair and maintenance tasks or otherwise treating your vacation home like one more workplace.

If you’re sick of taking care of your vacation property or cabin, why not get in touch with Billy Roach Renovations LLC? We offer a full slate of cabin keeper services in Ruidoso, NM to help our clients get the most enjoyment out of their properties. Here’s a closer look:

  • • Basic service: Billy Roach Renovations LLC provides weekly ($30), biweekly ($60) and monthly ($85) cabin keeper services in Ruidoso, NM and the surrounding areas. In addition to performing big-picture inspections of your vacation property, we’ll take care of making sure the indoor temperature is appropriately set, keep an eye out for pest problems, maintain smoke detectors and alarm systems, inspect for water damage, bring in the mail, water indoor plants and more. Your property will always be in good hands with us!
  • • A la carte options: In addition to our basic cabin keeper service in Ruidoso, NM, Billy Roach Renovations LLC offers a la carte services for additional fees. Our services include cleaning before and after visitors, snow removal, decorating, stocking up on supplies or groceries, tree removal, yard work, watering indoor plants, meeting with service providers, trash removal, cleaning windows, deck staining, hot tub upkeep, window and door service, roof inspections, firewood, driveway sealing, gutter cleaning, winterization, chimney cleaning and more. We’ll even prepare a hot meal ahead of your arrival!
  • • Remodels and additions: One of the great benefits of trusting Billy Roach Renovations LLC to be your cabin keeper in Ruidoso, NM is that we can also take on any remodeling, renovation or cabin addition projects you’re interested in having completed. Talk to us about your desires for your vacation property, and we can draft an estimate, come up with plans and get to work on making your cabin an even better home away from home.

With over 20 years of experience, Billy Roach Renovations LLC has what it takes to provide cabin keeper services in Ruidoso, NM that will give you great service as well as peace of mind. To learn more, please get in touch by calling (575) 226-3539. We look forward to assisting you!